KAJELO: Fire guts portions of St. Oscar Primary School

Hilary Aniakwo is the Headmaster of the St. Oscar Primary School. According to him, he had a call from a known person at 8:30 am about the incident. He (the headmaster) called the office of the Ghana National Fire Service before getting to the school.

According to him, he rushed just as the informant had asked him to; he got to the school and saw his office on fire.

“I called the Ghana National Fire Service at Paga. With their timely intervention, they were able to quench the fire at my office. The cause of the fire was identified as an electrical fault.”

Mr. Aniakwo said the whole ceiling in the office has been burnt by the fire and the school wishes to get that repaired quickly in order not to disrupt academic work in the coming week.

“Items destroyed so far, 1. Set of stuffing chairs. 2. 7 boxes of USAID learning materials and textbooks fired. 3. Two cartons of chalk, 4. Radio set, 5. Globe, 6. a set of school Jersey, 7. the whole ceiling destroyed, 8. Ceiling fan, 9. Two cartons of detergents (Sanitizers, soap, tissue, Camel Dettol), 10. Two boxes of library books, 11. Teaching and learning materials.”

The headmaster was hopeful that officers from the Ghana National Fire Service will come back to the school to investigate thoroughly and come out with what caused the fire in the office and give measures on how to prevent future occurrences.

Source: a1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Ghana

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