The Kassena-Nankana West District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Gerard Ataogye, has underscored the need for farmers in the district’s jurisdiction to be wary of the impact of climate change and to accordingly, adapt to the changes that come with it in order to enjoy the fruit of their labour.

Hon. Ataogye who was addressing a day’s training session on climate change and adaptation for some 24 selected youth farmers from six clusters across the district noted that, climate change is the doing of humans, and it will thus take the same humans to adapt to these changes or risk losing out on many endeavours that have everything to do with the environment and ecosystem, such as the conduct of farming activities.

The training held in the district’s capital, Paga this Tuesday, was organized by the National Youth Authority (NYA) and targeted mainly, the district’s youth who have invested their time and resources into the agric economy of the district.

According to the DCE, the environment will continue to be of great service to humanity if only people engaged in very sustainable ways of exploiting the resources of nature stressing that, the reverse would be disastrous for today’s generation and the ones to come in the future. He for instance stated; “for me, trees are more important than human beings; trees give us the oxygen we breathe, give us shelter, food, medicine, and all manner of countless benefits, but sadly, we humans destroy trees and don’t plant some back”.

He therefore charged the youthful farmers to be positive change agents by practicing the knowledge they were gaining from the training and also, sharing same with their colleague farmers back in their various communities. He noted that the tailor-made training for the youth farmers meant that, farming was no longer the preserve of the illiterate and old population of the country as has been wrongly perceived in a very long while. He assured the farmer folk, especially the youth that, as far as they continue to show high interest in farming, government agencies in the agric sector and other like-minded stakeholders will be ready and willing to help with trainings and introduction to best practices in the sector.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Coordinator for the NYA Mr. George Awutor in his remarks, said his office saw the training as a motivation for the youth engaged in farming not to relent in their efforts while at the same time, a pull factor for other youth to venture into farming. He disclosed that the training was to introduced the youth to best adaptive farming strategies in the face of climate change and also, purposed to equip them with efficient farming techniques and knowledge that can withstand the effects of climate change.



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