The Kassena Nankana West District version of the National Farmers’ Day Celebration has been held at Sirigu. The celebration which attracted many farmers, workers and people from all parts of the district saw our gallant farmers being awarded with prizes and certificates for their selfless and dedicated work to the district and the nation as a whole.

In a speech to mark the occasion, the Kassena Nankana West District Director of Food and Agriculture, Mrs. Doris Nabare welcomed all to the program and congratulated the farmers for their immense contributions towards the development of the district and the country as a whole. She said that as Ghana is celebrating the 36th Farmers’ Day, there is the need for the authority or government to celebrate the day to award farmers with goodies since they play critical role to make the nation attain foodstuffs.

Speaking at the event on the theme “Ensuring Agribusiness Development under COVID-19–Opportunities and Challenges” a representative of the district chief executive, Sorku Issahaku, said, the theme was chosen to reflect the important role of the Agriculture Sector to the economic development of the Country and to also re-emphasize its contribution to all the other sectors of the economy.

“As we all know, the Agriculture Sector has been the backbone of the Country’s economy since independence and still contributes significantly to the nation’s development by way of employment generation and revenue for the Country. The lessons of Covid-19 has created a new sense of awareness about building strong systems that ensures resilience and to avoid over dependence on food imports. The panic accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted economic activities and tested Ghana’s resilience on food security. With good Lord by our side we have passed the test.”

Government acknowledges the fact that 70% of smallholder farmers are responsible for food production in the country producing 80% of food consumed in the urban areas. Government further acknowledges the challenges that smallholder farmers face in their work, some of which includes difficulty in accessing improved seeds, high cost of fertilizers, high interest rate on loans, lack of storage and marketing facilities etcetera.

Mr. Chairman, our country cannot continue to rely on foreign aids to transform its agricultural sector, hence the need to enhance agribusiness development, fashion out innovative ways of boosting the local agricultural front by facilitating and providing the enabling environment for the sector.

Mr. Chairman, the Government, of the Republic of Ghana led by His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has undertaken a good number of flagship programmes in the agriculture sector geared towards enhancing small scale and commercial agricultural productivity.

The following were winners of the Farmers’ Day celebration:

Overall District Best Farmer – Sewia Abonkoyi

Best Farmer First Runner Up-Alfred Songowora

Best Guinea Fowl Farmer- Amogre Abinyuure

Best Agro forestry farmer – Sampon Asobire Akatoo

Best Rice Farmer – Aluah Clement Pareseh

Best Livestock Farmer – Aduko Atubiga

Best Physically Challenge Farmer – John Wepayire

Best Agric Worker- Felix Abizina

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